About the Therapist


Sarah Michaud, LSW

Sarah is a queer identifying therapist who was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Growing up in a multicultural and multilingual city, and to an Italian immigrant mother, Sarah was exposed to a diverse range of experiences and perspectives, which fostered a curiosity about people and the world around her.

After completing her undergraduate degree in social work at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sarah pursued a graduate degree in Clinical social work at the University of Kentucky. During her studies, and factoring her personal experiences, she became determined to work with individuals who experienced sexual abuse and identify as LGBTQIA+ as her primary focus.

Following the completion of her degree, Sarah has focused her work with children and teens who’ve experienced sexual abuse one on one, co-facilitating groups for kids and teens navigating life after sexual abuse, and worked with kids and teens one on one and in a family setting with targeted trauma intervention. Sarah also works as a school based mental health provider, as this is a place so many kids can access the care and safe space they may not find elsewhere.

Despite her love for Montreal, Sarah also has a passion for travel and exploring new places. She moved to Colorado in 2013 and has traveled to ten countries so far. One of Sarah’s favorite pieces of travel is the experiences that broaden her understanding of human behavior and reinforce her belief in the importance of cultural competence in therapy. The ability to see and experience how other healthcare systems are run and the perception of mental health in other places are a bonus.

Sarah genuinely adores her work with people and values transparency and connectedness. She believes relationships are they key to successful therapy, and thus holds true to the importance of being the right fit, which means the “get to know you” space is a two way consultation to decide whether all parties feel comfortable and safe in the therapeutic space.